Let your people talk and build lasting relationships

AskClass is the platform that brings people together. Through exciting activities like ice breaker games, AskClass engages students, helps them build relationships, and improves learning outcomes.

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What students are saying about AskClass

Taehoon, SJSU student with 5 years of work experience

"This is an excellent tool for making relationships in class and getting to know each other without any stress or fear."

Karis, Psychological & Brain Sciences Senior, UCSB

"'s easier to reach out to the runner or chaser later. It also helps me focus for the rest of the meeting."

Anna, Marketing Junior, SJSU

"I was surprised how much I could learn about my classmate in such a short time! ... made it a lot easier for me to start more conversations with my classmates."

It only takes one question to start a relationship

Curious to know more? Learn why students and teachers all over the world are loving AskClass.

Ice breaker game

This or That

Students have 60 seconds to recall their classmates choices.

ice breaker game

True or False

Students have 60 seconds to recall what is true for their classmates' choices.

Schools love us too

We've engaged thousands of students in over 100 schools across the world.

Teacher Spotlight

Bahram Parineh

Adjunct Professor
Lucas College of Business, SJSU

"In order to enhance online learning, I have incorporated relationship building into my curriculum. I align students in familiar groups (similarity in proximity), with repeated exposure.AskClass humanizes my online courses by encouraging student sharing of personal “self”, and it makes the students the subject of learning. AskClass has improved perceptions of closeness in my courses, which provides students with valuable and authentic experience."

Bring askclass to my school

How can I bring AskClass to my school? AskClass would love to join your campus! Fill out the form below so that we can reach out to the leaders at your school.

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Frequently asked questions

Check out our FAQ page for the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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About us

We believe in a world where everyone has the courage to show their true selves, and treats one another with honor, dignity and respect, even in the moments of shame, vulnerability, and dispute.

The Vision of AskClass

We imagine a world where online classes are fun and engaging because teachers created an inclusive environment where all the students actively participate without the fear of being judged, and because the students know, understand and respect each other.AskClass is a simple web app that brings fun, curiosity, and (as a result) engagement to your classrooms through the power of reflective questions.

Our Beliefs

1. We believe that character building is an essential part of being human.2. We believe that asking and answering personal questions build deeper connections.3. We believe that showing vulnerability is powerful and liberating

Our Values

These values describe how we approach what we do.

first we listen

We start our conversations by listening to what other people have in their hearts. We facilitate our listening by asking important questions.

long term over short term

We prioritize long term mission over short term goals.

Learn and share with others

The purpose of learning is to share your learnings with others.

Why AskClass?

bring out your classroom's potential with askclass

Benefits of using AskClass in your classroom

  • Increased student participation and attendance

  • Higher class engagement

  • Students feel safe to speak up

  • Decreased anxiety and feelings of isolation

  • Improved student learning outcomes

  • Increased motivation to succeed in class

  • Higher retention of subject material

Frequently asked questions


1. Do I need to be a teacher to use AskClass?

No, you can be a student, employee, teacher, or friend. AskClass is a relationship building platform that specializes in icebreaker games. Our games can be enjoyed during meetings, family gatherings, with friends, and so much more.

2. Does this work on Zoom classes?

Yes. Simply start AskClass from your account and share your screen on Zoom.

3. Does this work for in-person classes?

Yes, AskClass can be enjoyed in any setting. All you need is an internet connection, computer, or mobile device that can be connected to the projector.

4. How about playing AskClass in a park or cafe?

AskClass can be played anywhere as long as you have a device and internet connection. Play AskClass one on one with a partner or with a small group of friends. Users say they love playing AskClass on the go!

5. Can I create my own questions?

Custom questions will be available to users at a future date. Until then, please enjoy over 500 exciting questions available that we have specially curated for you.

6. Does this integrate with my LMS, such as Canvas or Blackboard?

We understand that simplicity is important for teachers. That’s why we have made it simple to copy-paste to have all your students' names on AskClass.Simply copy your students' names from your roster and paste them into the text box when you're creating your classes.

7. Is this available for K-12 too?

Depends. The questions are designed around the lifestyles of college students. There are no limitations on who can and who can’t use AskClass. 6th graders enjoy AskClass too!We suggest checking out the questions beforehand to see if AskClass is the right fit for your classroom.

8. Do students need to sign up themselves?

No. We want to minimize the information we collect from your students. Only their names are necessary to play the games.

9. Does this work on all devices?

Yes! From your desktop, tablet, or mobile device AskClass can be enjoyed from any device.

10. Is there a cost to use AskClass?

All questions are available for free on AskClass! Hit the “Start for FREE” button to start enjoying AskClass today.

11. How can I bring AskClass to my school?

We would love to bring AskClass to your campus, but we need your help. Sign the petition on the home page under "Bring AskClass to my School" to get the process started.

Have any other questions or suggestions for AskClass? Contact us here so we can help.

Contact us here

Have any questions? Suggestions? Ask questions - we're always here to listen.